What Would You Do?

If you were caught in a situation where your family needed you to provide them with every basic need within hours…what would you do?


If you’re like most people, your number one priority is to protect and provide for your family.

With natural disasters occurring on a much more frequent basis, every family should have an emergency and preparedness plan. Do you?

Could you and your family handle a long lasting power outage? A food and fuel shortage?

Do you have the necessary gear to provide the basic essentials like food, water and the ability to communicate with loved ones during an emergency?

Are You Prepared?

Natural disasters are now forcing millions globally to be prepared for emergency situations…Are You Prepared?



In 2005, Hurricane Katrina shut down the city of New Orleans. 80% of the city was under water and chaos ensued. Food, water and aid didn’t come for weeks. What would you do?



In 2011, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the northeast coastline. Over 150 died. Over 650 thousand homes and 300 thousand businesses were without power for weeks. What would you do?

hurrican sandy



In 2016, Hurricane Hermine crashed into the Florida coast leaving most of North Florida without power for over a week.   Flooding ensued along most of the west coast.   What would you do?

Is Your Money Safe?

Many countries around the world are already suffering financial collapse. Many American cities are near bankruptcy.


On the verge of default

If your paper money was worthless. and your savings was gone…What would you do?


Preparing for Economic Collapse

If you knew an Economic Collapse was imminent…How Would YOU Survive?

Preparing for Economic Collapse


After suffering through years of recession

It’s possible the worst is yet to come for the Greek people….How Can You be prepared?

We Have The Answers!

By becoming a member of the Ready Network® , you’ll know the answer to all of these questions!

The Ready Network® is an affordable way to prepare yourself and your family for the worst. Ready Network® will stock you up with gear and the knowledge you need to Be Ready in case of an emergency.

For those who want a convenient way to quickly stock up on survival and camping gear, the Ready Network® offers an affordable pre-packaged “Elite Ready Pack” to get you started.

Whether it’s the end of society, as we know it, a night without power and clean water, or a weekend camping trip with friends and family, the Ready Network® is here to prepare you for whatever may come your way.